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Alumni Testimonials

Jess Schorr

I had the immense privilege of singing in the choir in my Grade 11 year in 2013. Having sung in the Jakaranda Children's Choir, I was already immersed in the choir experience and was excited to move onto the older choir.

What I didn't know was the impact UPYC would leave on me. The friends I made then have stuck around and the memories of my times are still fresh in my mind.
More importantly, the lessons learnt from my fellow choristers and my incredible conductor, Lhente, have helped me through many of life's challenges and obstacles.
The perseverance and dedication needed to be in a choir like UPYC developed into permanent traits that pushed me to achieve many goals I have set for myself.

I am now a Gr 10-12 English and Life Orientation teacher and absolutely loving it.
I get to impart all the wonderful lessons I learnt in the choir onto my students and use the knowledge and skills acquired in the choir in the daily workings of my job.

I will forever be grateful for the time I got to spend in UPYC and would go back to my UPYC days in a heartbeat.